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This is for me, or anyone interested in stuff. Here's an archive that will stay at the top of my journal that will link to various fandom stuff.

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You know, I've met Bengals (The domestic cat bread, not the tiger) and damn they're funny and cute and really gorgeous and none of them look the same *coughpersianscough*. And I keep on getting more and more curious about the other hybrids, like Savannahs.

Also: I need to work on my run-on sentences and generally not writing exactly what I think as I think it.
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What went wrong? We were doing the rotation thing.

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So I'm continuing to read Bleach (And Naruto) out of sheer force of habit. And suddenly it got interesting again.


In the nightmarish, mind-fuck, WHAT IS GOING ON, WHY AM I NOT BORED OUT OF MY MIND READING THIS, WHY AM I ACTUALLY PAYING ATTENTION TO THE STORY?! It went from being over-the-top-cliche villain to horror. Well, horror to me at least. God I hate Tsukishima's ability. Has everyone else been turned into tomatoes, or is Ichigo actually the only tomato?

Also I read Robin McKinley's "Sunshine". Besides going off on (Parenthesis backstory) for a couple pages in the beginning that is the character rambling in panic, that when it ends you forgot what was happening and having to flip back to re-read what is currently going on, good shit! I would rec it. I do rec it.
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I've discovered that I have an obsession with acapella remakes of songs. IT ALL STARTED with the nintendo one a few years ago. It is now out of control.


No seriously I want to know how this ends
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I decided my mess of harddrive...thing that has three computers worth of stuff on it needed organizing.

Just spent an hour on it. BARELY. A. DENT. /cry
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So I woke up after five hours of sleep (preceeded by 26 hours of no sleep) with my brain screaming "I WILL NOT LET YOU GO BACK TO SLEEP UNTIL YOU WRITE THIS" long had it been since my last fanfiction?

Anyway! I have spell- and grammar-checked it, along with going over it a few times, but please point out anything that you thing needs to be fixed. This is probably better written than something I would have with a complete amount of sleep OTZ Closer to the right side of the brain when your almost dreaming? I woke up more when I went over it for errors though, and aside from my usual trouble of using too many buts/ands/etc and parenthesis that I still have a hard time noticing when awake, I don't see anything else, but will be going over again in the morning because some things makes sense when sleepy that don't.

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I got a Moosewood cookbook. Must have really bad luck, because all two of the three recipes made me throw up (...Maybe it was the vinegar?) and the third was a miso soup that tasted like...not much.

I'd also like to reccomend Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder o: It is awesome.
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I'll tell you about the little tortie-cat who was stuck in a drain yesterday!

Apparently, while walking the dog in the morning, my dad heard her distressed meowing. When he went on the afternoon and evening walks, and she was still there, he told me. Animal rescue/control has been closed for thirty minutes. Ooops. Cue serious business mode as I get a long blanket, towel and flashlight.

I stick the blanket down there (It was only 6-7 feet deep), hoping she could grab onto it and climb up, it at least let me haul her up. She just kept on (what felt like, I couldn't see at the time) clawing and laying on the edge and meowing pitifully. That didn't work.

So I get on my stomach and manage to squeeze my head/shoulders/arms to stare down. The flashlight is crap and she blends in with the leaves and hiding in the tunnel, but still meowing ("Ghost cat?"). I can't reach her, so I go into the house and tell my brother "There is a cat stuck in the storm-drain, and I'm going to try to reach it. Please hold my legs"

"...That sounds like a really, really bad idea."

"Well, it will be a horribly, extremely bad idea if I do it without you, which I will if you don't come, so you might as well come."

While waiting for him to get decent, I found a better flashlight, and am able to discern she is stumbling around, explaining why she probably isn't following the tunnels to the exit covered in tree roots that I a healthy cat could push through fifty feet away

Cue antics of me nearly having the bad sensation of not-nearly falling head-first while trying to remain composed enough to coax the girl to stand up so I can reach her. But there's still a foot between us. I know when things don't work (luckily), so I give up on that idea.

Then my dad remembers to tell me that she's been there since at this morning. Cue me running into the house to get food. She stops mewing when I dumping some down there, and when I stick my head in the drain I can hear her purring <3

Cue bright idea! Ask dad to get a plank of wood to act as a ramp. The only one that was the right size is one of his precious cherry, so it says a lot that he let me put into a storm-drain :)

So I basically sit there with my upper body in the storm drain watching her for 45 minutes (with breaks). But then it gets dark and cold and my brother/father dragged me inside D:

And then my mother calls up, and she says if it isn't out by the morning, we can cut the stuff blocking the drain and I can go in. If that doesn't work, call animal control. But the first thing we should do is give it more food. So I go out with two cans of wet food and a cup of dry food, it meows in greeting, and I dump it in, keep it company for a few minutes, and then leave. It started distressed meowing when we walked away, so I wanted to keep on staying there, but again verbally dragged inside by father.

This morning, she wasn't in the drain anymore, so maybe she was weak from hunger, and just needed nourishment and encouragement to get out :)

I'm a complete coward (Well, anxiety issues) unless it to save an animal, and then I get stupidly brave (If I had fallen, I would have hit my head, maybe hurt my neck, and even if I wasn't incapacitated I wouldn't be tall enough to reach 6-inch opening) and even can...ignore? my wretch and cry on sight arachnophobia. Not to mention of goddamn nasty and wet and germy and...yeah the drain was. So in addition to being able to actually save an animal for once, and I am incredibly proud of myself for making personal progress with my own issues :)
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I-I'm really disappointed in Slayers Revolution orz

Everyone complains about Slayers Try, it broke canon established in the books, but still followed with anime-canon. B-but Revolution! Sword of Light! WTF is going on! Seriously bad animation!

I liked Duclis in the books (If that was his name?), but anime-Duclis is HORRIBLY animated with a constant expression of >:{, and his face-views are almost always full-on frontal, which makes his neck all WTF.

And the Sword of Light that's a fake but still can cut through the Astral Plane/whatever confuses me ):

Edit: And let's not forgot the recycled music that's at least ten years old and not even re-mixed! I don't think I've heard a Revolution original.
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Note to self on cooking

2 teaspoons red miso + 1/2 teaspoon sweet white miso to 1 cup water is too sweet. Try reducing to 1/4 teaspoon SWM

Also, find bonito flakes or dashi

Edit: Oh yeah. I've started training the owls at the local zoo :} The great horned owl doesn't like humans at all and will clench his claws up o he won't even sit on the glove most of the time. And will bite. The Barred owl is missing most of his right wing, so he's very scared of humans in that he probably finds himself defenseless, although he's very quiet and sweet once you manage to corner/catch him. And the barn owl is just a sweety who's very cooperative <3 He was raised by humans from the egg.


Sep. 8th, 2007 11:36 pm
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Because I can't take enough of them )

On a side note, I just read volume 5 of Slayers. Dear Lord Xellos is sociopathic. Now I understand what someone meant when they said NEXT downplayed his personality.


Sep. 7th, 2007 09:21 pm
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I haven't read these books, and don't even know if they're real, but it look damn interesting. The Song of Fire and Ice...

It looks like Hogwarts gone Grimm )
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Oh hay look, a Slayers tl;dr essay in the beginnings (AKA research, the best part <3), maybe my major essay for World Religions O: This is more of me noting names/terms I should look into deeper at a later time.

Lord of Nightmares )
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...I'm a monkey at heart?
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So, I found a wonderful doujinshi cover, and decided to icon it. Couldn't decide which size I wanted it to be, so here's three! The closer-up one you can see their expression well, but the backed-up one you can see how they're arranged. And the middle is the middle of those AND I CAN'T DECIDE.

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[/caps-lock of doom]
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I went and organised my icons in their keywordz. So now the fuckers have completely changed back to my default.


I don't feel like going back and changing all of them.
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Who just beat Demyx on on Proud Mode? The first time?

8D Shit yeah I did.
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E. coli Breakout
Hah, fuck you, Pop-Eye. That'll shown him.

House Approves Strip Search Bill
An interesting thought, but that is practically begging to be abused by pedophiles.

Jet Engined Laptop
I was more then slightly dissapointed that this wasn't about a flying laptop, but it was still interesting (15-30 hours on a fully charged battery? Hell yeah)

Though-Controlled Bionic Arm
On a different note, something that gave me warm fuzzies~
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