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So I woke up after five hours of sleep (preceeded by 26 hours of no sleep) with my brain screaming "I WILL NOT LET YOU GO BACK TO SLEEP UNTIL YOU WRITE THIS" long had it been since my last fanfiction?

Anyway! I have spell- and grammar-checked it, along with going over it a few times, but please point out anything that you thing needs to be fixed. This is probably better written than something I would have with a complete amount of sleep OTZ Closer to the right side of the brain when your almost dreaming? I woke up more when I went over it for errors though, and aside from my usual trouble of using too many buts/ands/etc and parenthesis that I still have a hard time noticing when awake, I don't see anything else, but will be going over again in the morning because some things makes sense when sleepy that don't.

Title: Island of Memories
Word count: 711
Notes: End of KH1, Kairi POV, destiny trio OT3 hell yeah

She was…there, had come running from somewhere to nowhere because of the pulls she felt on her heart. She was close enough to hear echoes of….

…Riku, the real Riku, the one who she last saw as a ghost in front of Ansem and who told her to run (“save yourself“), the one that she trusted would always win a fight he truly had to because his friends were in danger. He had fallen to darkness to try to save her (protecting a lifeless body, searching by any means necessary to find the heart of a best friend), but remembered them both when completely swallowed, and was able to push through after Sora weakened Ansem. She had a feeling he would always blame himself for everything he had done for her in the darkness, for hurting and then not being able to save Sora.

…His voice, his intentions to close the door (what’s wrong, isn’t closing the door good, why are you sad?) before it seemed like something blocked the connection to their hearts. It was still there, she could find him again with Sora even if no one knew where he was. But his last words…did he think was going to die? He was wrong, he was stronger then he thought. Riku would stay alive until she and Sora found him. Riku always pushed through, either making sure he didn’t appear sick so as to not worry them (She could always see through it, which miffed him the first few times…heh) or saving her from drowning the time she fell into a stormy sea before she knew to swim.

And when she could finally see her other friend, there was no door, only Sora locking something away forever.

There was slight tugging from somewhere else, which was growing stronger every moment, so she ran, hoping to outrun the familiar and welcoming tug, because she knew the pull wasn’t acting on Sora. When her feet finally crunched on solid ground, it was like she was at the end of the leash, that the tug had turned into an unbreakable rubber band that wouldn’t stretch any farther, what she knew was the world she belonged to (even if it wasn’t always) allowing her to at least see Sora’s face, talk to him. Never would the idea of going home terrify her so much. Not only forced to, but without Riku or Sora.

So she stood there a moment, confused, until Sora turned around and started running, and she realized now wasn’t the time, she had to make sure he knew what was important. The ground underneath her jerked, turning into sand, and the leash was no longer a leash, but a pulling her away, and even though they could touch for that one moment, no matter how fast he ran or how far he jumped, he wouldn’t be able to come with her, because he belonged to everything and nothing, he had no pull from the heart of a single world, would stay in this place between light and dark until he found a way out himself.

He told her, and knew he would try his best, but what he needed to be was told that she knew he would. The touch ended, Destiny Islands made physical again, no longer just a feeling. She could see him, and the barrier around the world was closing, he was calling to her, she unable to hear him, until he faded completely and the connection became like the one with Riku.

But separated hearts would always find on another, and Riku was the one in danger in that dark place, and he needed saving this time, not her, so while she knew Sora would keep his promise, he needed to find the other boy first (and save him from his own self-loathing, because Riku was always the protector and he would blame himself for hurting them).

But she hoped for the day they were all united, together (forever) would be soon. They would all of them be in each others hearts, under the same sky, but she still allowed herself a small fleck of sadness that she would have to wait to see them, unable to move from this island of memories of the past.

Date: 2010-04-27 08:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi. I'd like to steal this and make it my headcanon, because I am bad at explaining my headcanon but you got it just right. And now I shall love you forever and always.

PS: "on the solid ground on solid ground." Was the repeat intentional?

Date: 2010-04-27 10:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
#._.# Thank you, I feel extremely...honored that someone has the same idea and likes the way I wrote it out. And I like lovings <3

...Haha, that ain't the only thing that needs fixing but doctor's appointment nooo so it will be the only thing fixed for a couple hours.

Thank you <3


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