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I have in front of me wheat/dairy/nut/egg/soy-free cookies.

What. The. Shit? They don't even look like cookies, and taste and have the consistancy of cooked ginger-flavored applesauce.
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I...Had the sudden urge to write a Naruto!Harem fic. No beta and I barely went over it, so expect some mistakes (I would appreciate anything people would like to point out :D)

And here it is )
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The first comic in this pissed me off to no end.

So does this.

D< Way to go fandom.
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"Deep Dive"

-Change The third key

Referring to Kairi's key, if so, name of? Or if not, key to what.
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Hokay. So I have a rather...unique bra size. And I can't find it in stores, so I have to special order it for at least sixty bucks, and they aren't that pretty. So I decide, hay! Why not try e-bay?

I found tons of pretty ones in my size, all around 9 dollars. So I'm all ready, narrowing down my choices and oh I've fallen in love with that, but wait!

'United Kingdom only'.

Okay I'll try the next.

'United Kingdom only'.

And the next. And so and so forth. In the end, there was only, like, one. And it was at the bottom of my list.

Damn you, US, for not having my size. Damn you, UK, for not shipping to the US.
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NarutoxSakuraxSasuke doujinshi with translation? Why yes.

If the price wasn't so outragious, I would so buy this; even if Sakura is a acting as the 'pivot'.

Still something <3

Edito: And this one has a rather interesting cover on the list~
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Evangelist Drowns Trying to Walk on Water

Wouldn't that be heretical? I mean, comparing yourself as an equal to Jesus seems...pretty damn cocky. I barely remember my Bible studies, but couldn't Jesus walk on water because he was the son of God, not because he had a ton of faith?

But this reminds me of the ninjas of Naruto walking on water, which makes me giggle. And the "So Jesus is a zombie?" question.
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I shouldn't be surprised even in this day in age that this would occur. But I am. Seriously? I thought people were at least not stupid enough to be unlawfully racist.
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So, it's 5:30 in the morning, I haven't gotten any sleep, and I'm listening to some Slavic rap song about how a village was cured of its crack addiction through meat.

Also, I have been cleaning my room, which I haven't done in years. Before I had to literally tip-toe through so as to not hurt myself. So far, I've found last-year's Christmas present for my dad, a rotten mini-pumpkin under my bed, around 50 bottle-caps, Earthbound, and about ten dollars in change.

Can't ait 'till school starts; the days are so long and boring, and I can't go outside what with it being high humidty and the upper nineties.

I wonder what it would be like to read a fanfiction about me/something I did. Probably pretty bad. Would I crique the author annomously, or say I'll sue their ass if they don't write better? Would they even believe me?

I want some Chai tea. And a book to read as good as something by Terry Prachette or Holly Black or someone. Sara Douglass has gotten too pr0ny and less story-y to be on my "counting down the days 'till next book comes out" list.

And Dragon Knights 23 is coming out in two days |D Maybe I should put up one of my rants about it sometime.
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I have icons! :D Usual thing, comment and credit

1. Image hosting by Photobucket 2. Image hosting by Photobucket
3. Image hosting by Photobucket 4. Image hosting by Photobucket

And an modified icon base, which isn't an exact screen-shot (I tweaked it so you could actually make them out in the darkness) that I couldn't do anything with. No need for credit if you use as a base, but please do if if you use as-is.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Also posted at Destiny_Trio
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Kingdom Hearts II=<3 (And giggles at the disney characters trying to be serious+Cid being a hunch-back)

And the opening shows canon proof of the Destiny kids OT3. Watching the sunset together, laying on the beach together holding hands...Wow, I'm sad, aren't I :D?

New Layout

Apr. 1st, 2006 09:41 pm
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Wow, I love this layout, it is so...clean. :D Wee.
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The people at the restaurant double-spiked my mom's drink, so while I was driving, she was yelling 'Break!' ('The car's in the other lane'), 'OHMIGODWATOUTFORTHESQUIRREL' ('That's a trash bag'), etc. And then she put on Irish drinking songs, which she started laughing at and singing along with.

Well, at least I got two new books. But I am sad because TokyoPop hasn't shown any signs of when they'll publish DK-23.

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One of my friends asked me if I had a fetish for the Violent BlondeXEvil-Trickster-Villian dude. And I realised I do (Although they don't have to be blonde, thats just what they all are o.O)

XellossxFilia (Yay for the only canon! Although the fanbase almost always horribly mangles characterization.)
SerasxSchrodinger (Dude, almost like twincest. And maybe some pedo, if Schro is younger then I think he is.)
EnvyxWinry (The amount of conflict that could be here, wow. But I've been told this is an utter crack pairing. I swear I have never touched illegal drugs in my life.)
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Friend: You know a lot about fabrics right?
Friend: *urgent pokedge*
Me: Er, yeah.
Me: o.o
Me: Why?
Friend: How can I...with limited reasources....get a stain out in less than .5 of an hour?
Me: What type of cloth is it and what is the color?
Me: of the cloth
Me: and what type of stain
Friend: The color is light pink, the cloth is er...cotton maybe
Friend: The stain is er...
Friend: Semen

That gave me a bit of a 'WTF' moment. And for the record, I told her baking soda would probably work. Which it did.
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My english is not making any sense.

Arg. History exam o__x

I can't beleive I want to major in it >__>

I be rambling off things in my sleep (Black Death of 1347, "Un roi, une loi, une foi" [Or something like that.], "Paris is worth a mass", Peace of Westphilia)
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Okay, so this one guy has been IM-ing me. Constantly. I just now logged on and the moment that it was finished loading, he contacted me. I ignored him, and closed out of the window. He said another random thing. I went into hiding.

He IMed me again.

Thinking he wasn't exactly taking the hint, I blocked the two screen names he had that I knew. I got another from a 'random' person, who in their second IM said it was the guy above.

I ignored him, went hidden, and blocked his accounts. Can he not take a fucking hint?
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This little crack-Christmas fic is dedicated to Askerian as a thank-you gift for writing Teamwork, and is given as a gift to anyone who wants to read it.

Warnings/Whatever: Sexual humour, NaruSasuSaku, mostly dialogue, Sasuke not doing much because its too damn cold to be happy, not beta-ed, or even given a once-over by myself (Feel free to point out any mistakes)

I don't own Naruto >O

Sakura, what's your bra size? )
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