Nov. 9th, 2009

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I'll tell you about the little tortie-cat who was stuck in a drain yesterday!

Apparently, while walking the dog in the morning, my dad heard her distressed meowing. When he went on the afternoon and evening walks, and she was still there, he told me. Animal rescue/control has been closed for thirty minutes. Ooops. Cue serious business mode as I get a long blanket, towel and flashlight.

I stick the blanket down there (It was only 6-7 feet deep), hoping she could grab onto it and climb up, it at least let me haul her up. She just kept on (what felt like, I couldn't see at the time) clawing and laying on the edge and meowing pitifully. That didn't work.

So I get on my stomach and manage to squeeze my head/shoulders/arms to stare down. The flashlight is crap and she blends in with the leaves and hiding in the tunnel, but still meowing ("Ghost cat?"). I can't reach her, so I go into the house and tell my brother "There is a cat stuck in the storm-drain, and I'm going to try to reach it. Please hold my legs"

"...That sounds like a really, really bad idea."

"Well, it will be a horribly, extremely bad idea if I do it without you, which I will if you don't come, so you might as well come."

While waiting for him to get decent, I found a better flashlight, and am able to discern she is stumbling around, explaining why she probably isn't following the tunnels to the exit covered in tree roots that I a healthy cat could push through fifty feet away

Cue antics of me nearly having the bad sensation of not-nearly falling head-first while trying to remain composed enough to coax the girl to stand up so I can reach her. But there's still a foot between us. I know when things don't work (luckily), so I give up on that idea.

Then my dad remembers to tell me that she's been there since at this morning. Cue me running into the house to get food. She stops mewing when I dumping some down there, and when I stick my head in the drain I can hear her purring <3

Cue bright idea! Ask dad to get a plank of wood to act as a ramp. The only one that was the right size is one of his precious cherry, so it says a lot that he let me put into a storm-drain :)

So I basically sit there with my upper body in the storm drain watching her for 45 minutes (with breaks). But then it gets dark and cold and my brother/father dragged me inside D:

And then my mother calls up, and she says if it isn't out by the morning, we can cut the stuff blocking the drain and I can go in. If that doesn't work, call animal control. But the first thing we should do is give it more food. So I go out with two cans of wet food and a cup of dry food, it meows in greeting, and I dump it in, keep it company for a few minutes, and then leave. It started distressed meowing when we walked away, so I wanted to keep on staying there, but again verbally dragged inside by father.

This morning, she wasn't in the drain anymore, so maybe she was weak from hunger, and just needed nourishment and encouragement to get out :)

I'm a complete coward (Well, anxiety issues) unless it to save an animal, and then I get stupidly brave (If I had fallen, I would have hit my head, maybe hurt my neck, and even if I wasn't incapacitated I wouldn't be tall enough to reach 6-inch opening) and even can...ignore? my wretch and cry on sight arachnophobia. Not to mention of goddamn nasty and wet and germy and...yeah the drain was. So in addition to being able to actually save an animal for once, and I am incredibly proud of myself for making personal progress with my own issues :)


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